Sending dates briefings

How and when do briefings get sent out? Learn everything there is to know in this article.

To send out briefings, there are a few steps you need to take. Firstly, you create a briefing template. After that, you create the briefing itself. We've created a step-by-step instruction for doing that, you can find that one here

Setting the date range for the briefing is one of the last steps of creating one. This part can be a bit confusing to some, so this article is meant as an extra explanation of that. 

What is the 'date range'? 

One of the final steps of creating a briefing is selecting the date range. This means you select the period in which the briefing will get sent out.

Because of this, it's possible to create briefings months in advance, even if you want to send the briefing out shortly before the event. You can get everything ready for sending well before the hectic days of the festival arrive. 

But why a period of time, instead of a single date?

It happens quite often that some extra people (crew, guests, etc) get added to the event at a later moment than the majority. If you would have selected just one single sending date, the persons that get added later on will not receive a briefing, because it would have already been sent. With the date range, you elongate the period of time in which the briefing is sent. 

Our recommendation is: Set the last date of the range to the last day you expect to still add people to the event. If you want full flexibility, and don't want the hasstle of having to manually send out briefings at all, you can also set the last date to the last event date. 

When does the briefing get sent out? 

The briefing gets sent out during the night before/of the date you've set, so every recipient will have their briefing on the morning of the date of your choosing. 

For instance, you set 03-06 as the start date of your date range. During the night of 02-06 and 03-06, the briefing gets send. 

What's the 'Briefing in queue' status?

Please note that not all briefings get sent out all at once. Our servers send out a batch of briefings every 5 minutes. If multiple clients are sending out briefings at the same time, it's possible that it takes a little while longer for the last recipient of your list to receive the briefing as well. You will see the 'Briefing in queue' status if this is the case. 

It essentially means that your briefing is on it's way, but still waiting on it's batch.