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What are briefings?

In a briefing the recipient can find all the information they need before the event. For example parking information, dress code or the route.
Briefings can be sent to the various crowd types in the system. It is also possible to send a briefing to a specific segment within a crowd type.
The briefing is sent by e-mail. This e-mail contains a link to the online location of the briefing.

In the briefing, the recipient also finds his or her e-ticket that is needed to gain access to the event. The recipient also finds his parking card in the briefing, if this accreditation item was assigned to them.

The difference between a briefing and a briefing template
In order to get off to a good start, it is crucial to understand the difference between a briefing and a briefing template. One is necessary for the other, but they are not the same.
The briefing is the actual e-mail that is sent out. The briefing template is what is added to this e-mail and contains the information.

Send briefing per crowd type
You can send a specific briefing per crowd type that contains different information for each one of them.
For example, send a specific briefing to the crew and send a briefing with completely other information to everyone labeled as artist.

Send briefing per segment within a crowd type
It is even possible to send a briefing per segment. For example; a cashier and a security guard both fall under the β€˜Crew’ crowd type, but may not necessarily have the same information. In this case you could create segments (eg β€˜Catering’ and β€˜Security’) in the β€˜Crew’ crowd type and send out specific briefings.

Read more about creating segments within a visitor group here.

Create a briefing template for the specific briefings.
To be able to send a briefing, firstly a briefing template has to be created. Create a template for each specific briefing you want to send.

Read more about creating a briefing template here.

Conditions for sending briefings.
There are a number of conditions before it is possible to send your briefings.

  1. There must be a briefing template.
  2. The details of the recipient of the briefing must be complete: Name, company, accreditation and email address.
  3. The ticket visuals for the e-ticket and parking ticket must be added.
  4. The persons who must receive a briefing must first be approved.
  5. When the RSVP option is activated, every recipient must also be approved, but they will only receive a briefing once they have accepted the invitation.