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Event accreditation

Besides date-dependent accreditation items, it's also possible to have an 'event accreditation'. In this article, we'll tell you all about it.

Accreditation settings

When adding a new accreditation item, you have the option to create a date-dependent item or a date-independent. 

The difference between these two is that a date-dependent item can only be picked up or used on the date you've selected for it. A date-independent item can be picked up whenever during the event. It's still valid for just one time, but it doesn't matter when that one time is. 

Accreditations that are date-independent are also called event accreditation

But, why?

There are several reasons why you would want to use a date-independent accreditation item. For instance, if you're hosting a three-day conference where every attendant will receive a goodie bag. It doesn't really matter on which day they pick up the goodies, just that they're able to pick it up once during the event.

Another common use is with imported tickets. 


Especially when you're using the option for imported tickets, remember to adjust your briefings to that. 

When creating a briefing, you specify the recipients based on their accreditation. If you want to send out briefings to persons with an event accreditation, be sure to check that box.