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What is a request form?

You've heard the term, but you're not quite sure. What exactly is a request form? Keep on reading to find out.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The request form is created to make things easier for you and your suppliers or vendors. 

If you're sending out crowd lists, you're asking for an external partner to let you know who is coming. One of the features of the external crowd list is a request form. With this form, the recipient of the crowd list can ask individuals to fill out their information themselves. 

It is essentially what you're doing with the crowd list (asking the vendor to supply you with the necessary info), but one step further down the line.

When do I use one?

The request form is used for guest lists. For example, Company A is one of your sponsors. As a thank-you for that, they receive 50 free guest tickets to your event. The company has a lot more employees and it's hard for them to keep track of who wants to go. 

You send Company A an external crowd list and you enable the request form option for them. This request form shows up as an extra tab in their crowd list. 

They can send the link to that form to all of their employees. Now, the contact person that works at Company A won't have to ask around who wants to use one of the guest list spots and gather their info. They simply spread the link, and people can fill out their info and request what they need.