What is a crowd list?

Crowd lists are quite important within In2event. But what exactly are they, and when and why would you use one? We'll be telling you in this article.

What is a crowd?

First of all, it's important to understand what we mean by the word crowd.

Your crowd consists of all the non-paying visitors of your event; your staff, guests, press, artists, and whichever other crowd types you want to indicate.

What is a crowd list?

Well, basically. It's a list of your crowd. 

Let's dive into that. 

You can manage your crowd within the platform through lists. These lists categorize your crowd. They make it easy to enter multiple (or, a lot) people at the same time. 

You can create internal crowd lists and external crowd lists. 

Internal crowd lists

With an internal list, you create a list that you can fill in yourself. Or someone else with an In2event account, of course. 

External crowd lists

These are quite important and will save you heaps of time. An external list is a list you create, and that you send out to, for instance, a supplier. Whilst creating this list, you determine if there's a maximum number of people that can be on it (through a max. of accreditation items), what items may be requested for those people, and on which days they may be present at the festival. 

Let's have a look at an example. You're organizing a big festival. A lot of crew members for the bars and catering stands are needed. You're working together with another company. This company hires and manages all crew members for you. You only deal with the company, not directly with the crew members. 

You would create an external crowd list and send this to your contact person at the other company. They will fill in their own contact information and tell you which contact person will be present on-site. But most importantly, they will fill in the personal details of every crew member that will be working at your festival.  

This way, every person and accreditation will be registered. And you hardly had to do anything about that. 

It's possible to have the platform auto-approve the lists for you if the recipient has stayed within the limits you've set. If you want a little more control, you can also receive the lists back with a 'pending' status. You can then check if everything's in order and manually approve the list.


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