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User roles

With In2Event, it’s possible to set which rights a user has in their account or per event. When you do this, you control what users can see and do within the events. You could, for instance, add an artist handler to your event but make sure they can only work in the Program module. Just like this, you can determine for every separate part of In2Event if a user can see, add, edit and/or delete data.

Because we’re here to make your job easier, we’ve created user roles. A user role makes sure you won’t have to alter these settings for each individual. For instance, if you have three artist advancers working in the event, you can create ‘Artist advancer’ as a user role, toggle all options for this role and assign it to those three persons. They will all get the same rights within the system / this event and you’ll only have to do the work once. This also lowers the margin for errors.

How to add a user role?

  1. Go to your Lauchpad and click ‘Team’.
  2. Select ‘Roles & Capabilities’.
  3. Click on the blue button ‘Add user role’.
  4. Name this new role within the pop-up and click ‘Add user role’.
  5. You’ll be redirected to the overview. It may see overwhelming, but we promise you’ll be okay.
  6. Per module that’s activated for your account, you see all components that are part of that module.
    Per component you get to choose if this user role gets no rights (just don’t tick any boxes in that row) or if they get the right to view that component, add to it, edit information or delete it. For some components you also can tick the boxes for approving or revoking.
    With the vertical or horizontal ‘All’ box you can easily select entire columns or rows at once, or even the entire module.
  7. If you’ve selected all rights that should belong to this role, scroll down and click ‘Save changes’.
  8. This role is now added!
    If you add a new user to your In2Event, you can assign them the role you’ve just made. Continue reading to learn how to add a new user.

Assign events to new user
After adding a user to your In2Event, you have to add them to an event/events. If you don’t do this, they will end up at an empty launchpad after logging in.

  1. Go to your Launchpad and click ‘Team’.
  2. Select ‘Users’.
  3. Find and click the name you’ve just added. You can also use the search bar.
  4. Scroll down and you’ll see all events that were created in this account.
  5. Per event you can select ‘No role’, or any of the roles you’ve created. ‘No role’ means they won’t get access to this event.
  6. Don’t forget to ‘Save changes’ when you’re done.

If the added person doesn’t see the events immediately, logging out and in again will help.