Why are the external tickets missing from the briefings?

You assigned tickets, created briefings, and sent them out. But now people are saying their ticket isn't included. What happened?

Limit reached

In almost all cases, this has to do with the limitation of the tickets. 

If you have imported a certain number of tickets from an external ticketing company like Eventix or See Tickets, you can't send out more tickets than you have. 

At the event dashboard, you can keep an eye on the usage of items. It will show you the percentage of used tickets. 

How to check

If you want to check if the limit is indeed the issue, you can do this as follows: 

  1. Search for the person who hasn't received their ticket
  2. Scroll down to their accreditations
  3. Look for the item that's connected to this external ticket
  4. Behind every item, there are three symbols per day:
    1. ⬇️ The requested items
    2. ✅ The approved items
    3. ⬆️ The items that were handed out/sent/downloaded

If you can see a number at a) the requested items, but nothing at the b) approved or c) out items, it means there weren't any tickets left for this person. 

Get in touch with your contact person at the ticketing company to request more tickets. After uploading these, the tickets will be added to the briefings. 


That didn't fix the problem

If that doesn't fix the problem, please get in touch with our support team. They'll gladly look into the issue for you.