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The event dashboard explained

When opening an event, the dashboard is the first thing you see. But what does it entail?

The search bar

Let's start at the top of the screen. There you'll find the search bar. You can use it to search for anyone you want. You can search for a name, an artist, a list, or a company.  

The results will be categorized per crowd type. You can instantly see through what company/artist/list this person was added to the system. 

Click on their name to open their profile and that's all. 

Item limits

If you've added accreditation items with limited availability, the item limits block will come in handy for you. 

In this block, you can see all items with limited availability. Behind it you'll see a percentage. This percentage show's you exactly how many items have already been used. This is calculated by the amount of approved items. 


The platform will let you know how many duplicates are registered. This means persons with exactly the same name. Most of the time, this is a mistake or oversight. By clicking 'Show duplicates' you get a list of all duplicate people. You'll see exactly how many times they've been registered. 

By clicking someone's name you will get a list stating all places this person has been registered. 

Attention needed

At some places you will see an orange explanation icon. This means there are some persons or lists that need your attention. There are various reasons for this: 

  • A remark has been added 
  • Someone still has to be approved; their status is 'pending'
  • The sending of a briefing failed