How do I create a request form?

Don't worry, adding a request form to a crowd list is way easier than you think. Keep on reading for all steps.

Now you know what a request form is, it's time to add one. 

Add a crowd list with a request form

  1. Within your event, head on over to the crowd type you want to create a list for. They're listed in the left-side menu. For instance, click 'Crew'.  
  2. Click 'Lists'.
  3. Click on the blue button that says 'Add list'.
  4. At the very first step, you can see a tickbox that says 'Enable request form'. Click it to toggle it. 
  5. That's it. For more help with creating the crowd list itself, you can check out this article.

When receiving the crowd list, the recipient will also see a tab with the request form. They can use the link to this page to share the request form. 

Add a request form to an already existing crowd list

Did you already create and send out a crowd list, but did you forget to add a request form? No worries, we can easily fix that. 

We'll stick to the crowd type 'Crew' for this example. 

  1. Within your event, head on over to 'Crew' in the left-side menu. 
  2. Click 'Lists'
  3. Search for and click on the reference title of the list you want to add a request form to. 
  4. On the top right side, you'll see a '...' button. Click it.
  5. Click 'Edit list'
  6. Open 'General'. 
  7. Enable the request form by ticking the box. 
  8. Click 'Save changes'.

Since everything that gets sent out through In2event is dynamic, you won't have to resend the list.