How to add ticket visuals

Ready to start adding ticket visuals? Let's go!

You've read about what ticket visuals are, and now you're ready to start adding them. Follow these steps and you'll be done in no time. 

  1. Within the event, head on over to 'Settings'.
  2. Click on 'Barcodes and tickets'
  3. Click on 'Ticket visuals'
  4. You'll now see the Default visual 
  5. Click 'Upload file' to upload the visual you want on the tickets. The maximum size of the image is 1000x1000 px and 500kB. The image must be a JPG file. 
  6. This image is now your standard ticket visual. 

If you want to, you can set different visuals per crowd type. You can do this at the next block: 'Crowd type visuals'.

Below that, you'll see 'Visuals for accreditation items'. At that one, you'll see all the items for which you have selected that a separate ticket is required. Are you missing an item? Go to Settings > Accreditations > Accreditation items and check the settings of the item you are looking for. 

Ticket visuals per day

It's also possible to set ticket visuals per day. This means that, for instance, the parking ticket for Friday looks different than the parking ticket for Saturday. 

  1. Click  'Add custom ticket visual'.
  2. In the pop-up, select the date for which you want to set a visual.
  3. Click 'Upload file' to upload the visual.
  4. Click 'Save'

You can see the separate tickets in the overview. 

Don't see 'Add custom ticket visual'? Check your crowd tickets settings. If the setting 'Use crowd tickets per event' is selected, you won't be able to set ticket visuals per day. Switch to 'Use crowd tickets per day' or 'Disable crowd tickets' if you want to set ticket visuals per day.