What is a ticket visual?

It's possible and recommended, to set your own ticket visuals. But what are they?

A ticket visual determines the look of the tickets your attendees will receive. By default, the ticket will be a mostly blank page. At the top, you'll see two barcodes, a QR code, the event name, and the attendee's details. 

A ticket visual is added below that information block. It will make the tickets look on-brand and more inviting. We highly recommend using them. 

Multiple visuals

If you are creating accreditation items, you run into the question if you want to enable an extra ticket for that item. 

It's for instance a smart idea to create an extra ticket for your parking accreditation. 

If you have created items for which you enabled the extra ticket, you can add visuals to those too. Otherwise, they'll also be blank. 

You can add as many ticketed items as you see fit, and add unique visuals for all of them.