Activate the Dressing Room feature

If you haven't used the Dressing Room feature before, you will need to take some steps before you're able to use it. Follow the steps below.

Because this is a new feature, you need to add it to a user role
You can edit a user role in the same way as the steps below, but to make it easier we're going to create a new one in this example. 
Check out steps 6 and onwards if you just want to edit an existing role. 

Note: System default roles can not be edited. 

  1. Log in to your In2event account.
  2. Click on 'Team' in the menu.
  3. Click on 'Roles & Capabilities'. 
  4. Click on 'Add user role'.
  5. Name the role something like 'Incl. dressing rooms', so you won't be confused later on.
  6. Select the access rights this role can have. Don't forget to include the Dressing Rooms rights. You can find these under 'In2event Programming Module'
  7. Don't forget to 'Save changes' when you're done. 
  8. Assign yourself this new role.
  9. Log out and log in again so these changes can be processed. 
  10. Open the event
  11. At 'Settings', select 'Program settings'
  12. You will now see 'Dressing rooms' as an option there. We'll explain how to add them in this article.