Access zone roles

We understand that it might be quite a hassle to assign access zones to a lot of people individually. Especially when it regards the exact same zone settings multiple times. That’s why we’ve also created the access zone roles.

You can create a role, select which zones that role will have access to, and simply assign the roles to people.

You can learn more about creating access zones in this article. 

Access zone roles

After adding zones, follow these steps to create roles:

  1. Click on ‘Add role’
  2. Give the role a unique name. You can give it a description if you like.
  3. Select the crowd types the role should be available for.
  4. Select the zones for the role. If you chose ‘date specified’ you have to tick the boxes for the access zones and each day.
  5. Click ‘Add this role’ and you’re done!

After creating roles, it’s possible to add them to crew lists as accreditation that can be requested, just like other accreditation items. When creating a list, you select which roles can be requested, you can set limits and you’re the one who approves the list.