Wristband printer troubleshooting

Are you having some trouble with the wristband printer? All FAQs are answered here.

The most important thing regarding the wristband printer and cartridges is not pulling the wristbands out. Never forcefully pull a wristband out of the cartridge. The cartridge will be unusable when you do. 

The printer isn't working

Did you plug in all of the cables? Did you also plug in the USB cable to connect the printer to the computer or laptop? Check all of the cables before you continue.

Did you install Browser Print along with the printer? Check this article to check all installment steps. 

Is Browser Print turned on on your computer or laptop? You can check this by looking for the Zebra logo in your taskbar.  

Often it also works to turn the printer off, plug out all cables, and wait for a minute. After that, replug all cables and turn the printer back on. 

The lights are flashing orange and there's a piece of wristband sticking out of the printer, what do I do? 

Again, the most important thing here is to not pull the piece of wristband out of the printer. 

Eject the cartridge. Cut off the piece of wristband with a pair of scissors. Try to get as close to the opening as you can. Reload the cartridge. If the cartridge is still usable, it will now eject the remaining part of the wristband and you can continue printing. 

I can see through the side that the cartridge is not empty, but I don't see a wristband coming out of the opening. What's wrong?

If this is the case, a wristband has been pulled out forcefully during or after the printer was printing. This will cause the cartridge to break. Unfortunately, it's no longer usable now.