What is a production request?

Are you not entirely sure what a production request is? No worries, we're here to help.

In short...

Simply put, a production request is a digital fill-in sheet that you can send to your suppliers to let them request production necessities.

In some more detail...

These can be external parties that handle your food and beverage crew for you. Or food trucks. Rigging companies. A cleaning company. Stage builders. An entertainment team. Security. Basically, any other company that will attend your event and we'll do some sort of work there.

Events can be quite the production and keeping in touch with all of those suppliers can be overwhelming. For each company you will need to know what they need from you, what you need from them, which person they'll be bringing to the event, and which one of those persons you can get in touch with if needed.

All of those persons will need some way to enter the event, information about how to get there, parking tickets, and maybe even more. 

That's where the production request comes in. You create these sheets and send them out to every individual company that will attend your event. 

Crew members

With these sheets it's possible to have the companies let you know which crew members they're bringing with them including their names and email addresses. The platform will then let you know when the company has registered those people. If you approve them and create a briefing for this crowd type, they will all receive a briefing with their ticket, granting them access to the event when it's time for them to work.

Guest lists

In the same way, you can also add empty guest lists for the company if they're allowed to bring guests to the event. You set the limit for the number of people they're allowed to register on the list. You can manually approve the list or have the platform auto-approve it for you if it stays within the limits you've set.

Production needs

Another function of the production request is the production needs. This allows you to create a list of possible accreditation items the company can request. You select the items and determine the limits for them. The company can then let you know which items they will be needing during the event. If they stay within the limits the platform can automatically approve all requests for you. When the company arrives at the event everything they need will be listed for easy handouts. 


You can also manage the request for accommodations through the production request. You use this if companies or people will be working at the when for multiple days and you arrange hotels for them. 
Just like all the other aspects of the production request you set the options and limits first and the receiver of the request, we'll get to let you know what they need. 


Through the remarks feature of the production request, you can also stay in touch with the companies through the platform.