Rider reports

The platform creates multiple reports regarding your riders for you. Discover the difference between them here.

Within the event, head on over to 'Reports' and click 'Program' in the menu. In the overview, you'll see 'Rider'.

  • 'Rider totals' will give you a list of all items that have been requested, with an amount behind it. Handy for shopping lists.
  • 'Riders per artist' will show you the same list but will filter them on the artist level for you. You get the totals per item, per artist. Convenient for artist handlers and runners.
  • If there are artists/performers that will be at the event for more than one day, the 'Riders by artist, by day' is most convenient. 
  • If you want an extensive overview that will help you prepare all dressing rooms accordingly, the 'Riders by artist, by day, by dressing room' overview is best for you.