Rider item database

Artists will provide you with their riders. It’s possible to add items per rider, but we’ve also created the rider item database for your convenience. In this database, you can add items that are requested frequently. This way, you can simply import them to an artist profile, and only have to fill out all information once.

How to add items to the rider database?

  1. At the Launchpad, open Settings.
  2. Look for the subheading β€˜Program’ and click β€˜Rider items’. 
  3. You’ll see three categories: Hospitality riders, technical riders, and special riders.
  4. Choose to which category the item belongs, and click β€˜Add rider itemβ€˜.
  5. Name the item, give a description and determine if this item is suitable for single-use or multiple-use. After that, determine the price and click β€˜Save changesβ€˜.
    For instance: DJ-gear could be used by multiple artists, while a bottle of booze would be single-use. 
  6. The item is now added and available in all your events.