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Mission control explained

Mission control is your #1 page during the event. But how does it work? Keep on reading.

Mission control

At the Mission Control screen, you'll see an overview of everyone who's checked in. You can see the check-in statistics per hour, per crowd type. 

Crowd check-in

This is the screen you open when you are checking in people. You can check them in by typing their name and clicking it, or scanning their ticket. 

A screen will pop up. 

If you have scanned the person's ticket, they'll be checked in. If you've searched for their name manually, you need to click the 'Check in' button at the top of the screen.

You can print their wristband through the button on the top right side. 

In the pop-up, you can see all accreditation items that are linked to this person. If you're handing something out at that moment, you need to check the box for that item. This is necessary for correct reports. 

If you are registering working hours, you check out the person in the same way. Scan their ticket, or click the button again. 

Artist handling

This is the screen for you if you're checking in artists and their guests or entourage. 

You can use the search bar to search for the artist's name or the person's name. You can check in someone personally, by looking at the list of persons and clicking the 'Check-in' button behind them. You can also check in the act through the button at the top. 

This button is connected to the status indicators. The artist handling overview shows the timetables with red, orange, or green dots behind every act's name. Green means they've checked in on time. Orange means there's a chance they're going to be late. Red means too late. 

If you're handing out accreditation items at this moment, you need to check the box for that item in the person's pop-up screen. This is necessary for correct reports.