If you want to request information of an artist, you can simply use the infosheet. An email is sent out and the recipient can enter all information you’ve requested. This way, the information you need is provided to you without having to look for it yourself or to have to ask for it.

When and to whom is an infosheet sent?

When you add contacts to an artist, you get the option to check the box for ‘Receive an info sheet’. When the artist gets the status ‘confirmed’, the persons with that checkmark will receive the infosheet.

How do you add an info sheet?

To add an info sheet follow the following steps:

  1. Go to ‘Program’ / ‘Infosheets’ in the event.
  2. Click on the ‘Add infosheet’ button.
  3. Name this infosheet and write an introductory text.
  4. Enter the contact information of the contact person within your organization. This information is placed at the top of the briefing and is important if a recipient has questions about the received infosheet.
  5. Click on ‘Continue’.
  6. Select the recipients of this infosheet. Use ‘Select artists’ to add recipients. You add a recipient by clicking the blue ‘+’ button. Don’t see any buttons? That means that every artist already has received or will receive an infosheet.
  7. Click on ‘Continue’.
  8. At the ‘Settings’ step, you indicate the actual content of the infosheet. By ticking the boxes you indicate which sections will be included in the infosheet. Per section, you select whether the recipient can only view these sections, or if they may also add, edit or delete.
  9. Click on ‘Continue’.
  10. For each checked section you will now see an additional menu. You will need to write an introductory text for this section. You can also add a deadline per section. After this deadline, the recipient can only view the section.
  11. Click on ‘Continue’.
  12. With the ‘Styling‘ settings you determine what the infosheet will look like. You can add a header image and set the sheet’s background color and the button colors.
  13. Click on ‘Continue’.
  14. At ‘Attachments‘ you can add attachments to the infosheet. This could, for example, be the backline descriptions or a map.
  15. Click on ‘Continue’.
  16. The infosheet is sent via e-mail. At the ‘E-mail‘ section you determine what this e-mail will look like. By clicking a button in the e-mail the recipient can open the actual infosheet. Don’t forget to edit the text for this button as well.
  17. The last step is to determine when to send out the infosheet. Choose a start date and end date between which the system will send this info sheet. ?
  18. Click on ‘Add infosheet‘.
  19. Check all components of this infosheet and confirm they’re okay by ticking the boxes.
  20. Click on ‘Activate’ when you’re completely done. The briefing will then be sent within your selected date range.