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Default artist accreditation

It’s possible to set up a default artist accreditation. This means that every added artist will automatically receive these accreditation items. Of course, it is possible to make individual changes to these default settings.

Head on over to Settings / Program settings / Default artist accreditation in the left side menu.
You’ll now see an overview of all accreditation items that are available to artists.

Do you need an accreditation item that is not shown in this list? Check your accreditation availability settings.

To set the default numbers, simply look up the items you want to include select them. For items that are date dependent, you can fill in a number per date.  This number equals the amount of items per artist. For items that are date independent, you can use the checkbox in the β€˜Event’ column.

After you’ve selected all items, don’t forget to click β€˜Safe changes’.


Pro tip
Does your default artist accreditation differ per stage? In that case, it makes sense to add your artists stage by stage. This way you will be able to set the default accreditation and add your artists. When moving on to the next stage, you can alter the default settings and start adding those artists.

When changing the default settings, the accreditation settings of already added artists will not change. This is because of the individual changes you might have already made as well.