What is a crowd ticket?

An important setting for your In2event account is the use of crowd tickets. But what are they?

Crowd tickets make it possible for attendees to check in and collect all of their accreditation items with just one ticket.

This means that an attendee can check in at the front desk when they arrive at the event. Their ticket gets scanned. At the crowd check-in screen, a pop-up appears. Their wristband gets printed, or the pre-printed wristband gets connected. The pop-up shows that this person should also get a T-shirt and a lunch voucher.
All accreditation info is stored in that one barcode. 


Items that you add to the platform for which you set a ticket visual, will remain separate from the crowd ticket. For instance a general entrance ticket, or a parking ticket. 

In that case, the attendee would receive 1 ticket for their access, a T-shirt & lunch voucher, and 1 separate parking ticket. 


As a default, crowd tickets are enabled per day. This means every attendee will receive one ticket for their accreditations, per day.