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How do I check in crew members?

The big day is here! Time to check in every crew member.

When you're ready to check in crew members, it's important to stay on the right page within the platform. 

  1. Within the event, click on 'Mission control'
  2. Click on 'Crowd check-in'

You can search for a person through the search bar on top, or you scan their ticket. If you searched for them, you have to click on their name as well. 

If you have scanned the ticket, the person will be checked-in. If you've searched for the person, you have to manually check them in by clicking the 'Check-in' button on the top right side. 

You can print their wristband through the button on the top right side. 

In the pop-up, you can see all accreditation items that are linked to this person. If you're handing something out at that moment, you need to check the box for that item. This is necessary for correct reports.