'Waiting for briefing' status - What am I doing wrong?

You've created briefing templates and briefings and added people, but somehow their status remains 'Waiting for briefing'. What's happening? 

It can be one of a few things. Please take a look at all options below. 

An oversight with the person

  • Has the person been approved? If the person is not approved, they will not receive a briefing.
  • Is there an accreditation attached to the person? Without accreditation, no briefing will be sent to the person.
  • Is the person accredited in the future? If a person has accreditation for a date in the past, they will also not receive a briefing.


An oversight with the briefing

  • Have you checked the briefing's segments? Check whether you have selected the correct crowd types and/or added a segment. The person with the 'waiting for briefing' status should be in a crowd type/segment connected to one of the briefings.
  • Does the person have an event accreditation, instead of a date-dependent accreditation? Make sure that in the settings of your briefing 'Send this briefing to persons with an event accreditation' is ticked.
  • Is the send date set correctly?


If you have checked these options and the person's status still remains the same, get in touch with us. We'll be happy to assist you and we'll find out what's going on.