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API connection with your ticket service provider

If you use See Tickets or Eventix as your ticket provider, you can use our integration tool to set up an API connection. This way, the tickets from these companies can also be sent out through In2Event. Having all of your tickets centralized in one spot will make your job easier and more organized.

When would you use the API?
If See Tickets or Eventix are the ones that provide your parking tickets or guest tickets, for example, they won’t automatically be available in In2Event. After setting up the API connection, these tickets will be available on the platform. You’ll now be able to send all of a person’s tickets at once. Otherwise, a crew member would get their briefing and entrance ticket through In2Event, but their parking ticket through See Tickets Eventix. This means more work for you and less clarity for the crew member.

Setting up the API connection
If you want to set up the API connection, please contact your account manager at See Tickets or Eventix, as well as our support team. We will handle everything for you.

Please note that you need to activate the integration per event.