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Adding accreditations within an event

After reading this article you’ll know how adding accreditations works. We’ll show you how to add accreditation categories and items within an event.

If you’d rather add them from the Launchpad you can read more about that in this article. The difference between the two is that Launchpad-added categories and items are automatically available in every event you create. However, while adding them within an event, you can still toggle the option to have them saved in the Launchpad settings as well. Check out step #16 of adding an item to learn how to do this. 


Adding an accreditation category.

Before you can start adding the actual items, you need to create the categories for these items. Follow the steps below to add a category.

  1. Go to Settings’ in the event. 
  2. Click ‘Accreditations’.
  3. Click ‘Add accreditation category'.
  4. Name the category and select to which type this category belongs. You can add a description in case this category will be a part of external production requests. The external organizations will see this description. 
  5. Click ‘Add category’ and you are ready to create accreditation items! 🎉 


Adding items to the categories. 

  1. Click on the blue ‘+’ in the corresponding category. 
  2. At the first submenu, you fill in the general information about this item. Name the item. 
  3. You can choose to give the item a product ID (SKU). This is not required and is purely meant for your administration. 
  4. You can enter the cost price and sales price to inform the external organization about the charges for this item. 
  5. You can add a description of the item, in case this item will be a part of external production requests. The external organizations will see this description. 
  6. If you want, you can set a limit per person for this item. Fill in a number in the box and no one will be able to exceed this number.
  7. Click ‘Continue’.
  8. Time to fill in the details about the availability of the item. Choose whether this item is date dependent or date independent. In other words, is this an item that can be picked up once and is only valid on that day, or is it an item that can be picked up whenever and is valid throughout the entire event? 
  9. Decide, with the help of the check marks, if the item is available on an individual level or in bulk. Uncheck both boxes if the item is not at all available on that day.
  10. If necessary, enter a limit for this item for that specific day. 
  11. Click ‘Continue’.
  12. Use the checkboxes to determine for which crowd types this item is available.
  13. Click ‘Continue’.
  14. Use the checkbox if you want to add an extra ticket to this item. This means that the receiver of this item will get an additional e-ticket to be able to collect or use this item.
  15. Click ‘Continue’.
  16. At the advanced settings, there are a few things you can do.
    In2Event uses alphanumeric barcodes by default. If you want to use numeric barcodes instead, click the button.
    It is possible to enable personalization. The recipient of this item receives a request by email to personalize the items. This option is often used with tickets from external ticket providers to prevent resale.
    Do you want to save this item in your Launchpad settings? Use the checkbox to do so! By doing this the item will be available at your other events as well. 
  17. Click on ‘Add item’ and you’re ready to rumble, eh, accreditate. 🕺🏽