Add stages

Want to know how to add stages to your event? Keep on reading!

If you want to add artists and a timetable to In2event, you'll also need to create stages. This is how you do it. 

  1. Within your event, click on 'Program' in the left side menu. 
  2. Click 'Stages'
  3. On the top right of the page, you can see the button 'Add stage'. Click it. 
  4. What's the stage name? Add it. 
  5. On which days will you be programming on the stage? Select the days through the tick boxes. 
    1. You can also provide another name for the stage if it's named differently on different days. 
  6. Click 'Add stage'
  7. That's it! 

The default view modus for the stages is 'All days'. So, after adding a stage you're hosting on multiple days, it's possible you see it in the list multiple times as well. You can filter this by clicking on the dates on top. 

You can now add performances to this stage through the timetable or through artist profiles. If you need help with that next step, check out this article.